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Music Lessons

Music Lessons are by appointment and cover a very wide range over a period of time. Some students require more hours than others. Each student is taught one on one.

Lessons are available by the hour or half hour depending on your schedule. I recommend an hour weekly for those who desire accelerated advancements in their skills, thoery and comprehension.

Some resources for purchasing good equipment, I can recommend the following: Bass Northwest, Bob Gollihur, and Acme Sound

For those seeking music lessons I serve the entire Treasure Valley from my studio in Star, Idaho. Students are welcome from Boise, Caldwell, Eagle, Kuna, Meridian, Middleton, Nampa, Star and from wherever you wish to travel from. Please call or E-Mail for more information.

Boise Bass Guitar Music Lessons Instructor

What Music Lessons Cover


• Theory & Composition: Major, Melodic, Harmonic Minor, Pentatonic

• Diminished modes and harmony. Chord cycles, movement and voicings

• Resolution / Non-Resolution movement

• Tonal, Modal, and Blues Harmonic languages

• Chord substitutions and extensions

• Polychords, Cadence functions

• Melodic and harmonic transcriptions

• Ear Training: Interval recognition Chords in inversions, extensions,
and open & closed positions, Sight singing, Ear and voicing drills.

• Melodic and harmonic transcriptions

• Rhythm Studies: Time signatures, Poly Rhythms, Transposing between
odd and even times, Swing/Straight 8th to 16th grooves.

• Idioms, Technique, & Improv: Jazz Latin Jazz Fusion Blues Rock Classical Funk/Hip Hop Slap & Tap.

• Groove phrasing and soloing. (Curriculum: Improv software used)

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Randy McCluskey is a Musician and Instructor offering lessons in Boise and to the world via Skype
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